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If you are not sure where to begin writing a business plan then you have come to the right place. Knowing what is in a business or marketing plan is not easy, especially if you haven’t written one before. There is a great resource that provides over 500 sample business and marketing plans, step by step guidance from business experts and tools and calculations to help with preparing budgets and crunching your business data.

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Business planning is the process in which a business plans out what it will do over certain period of time to run the business operations and to turn a profit. While business planning is not absolutely necessary to run a business – you can start a business and sell products or services without one – if you really want your business to succeed you need to develop your own business plan. To help you get started with writing your plan, we have included a wide range of tips, information and further resources all with the purpose of helping you write your business plan and achieve success with your business.

What is in a business plan?

A business plan typically includes the information about your business, the market or industry it is in, the goals and targets you have, the ways you will run your business and the strategies in which you will market your business to your customer. You can quickly see what types of information is included in a business plan by looking at sample business plans or other plans that friends or associates may have already written. There is a lot to understand in what makes up a business plan, but the best place to begin understanding how to can write a business plan is to determine what your business goals are. Without your goals defined – what you want to achieve with your business – then your motivation for growing your business and for achieving your dreams lacks a serious amount of drive.

What is a marketing plan?

Marketing plans are really a part of a business plan. But, you can write one separately for a particular marketing campaign, a new product or just to get clear on how your will market your business. As with business plans, looking at examples of a marketing plan will help educate you on what you include. In a nutshell, a marketing plan includes the various ways you will communicate to your ideal customer and how you can solve their problem with your product or service. This is often referred to as the marketing mix of a business.

Business Budgets

Just like with planning your business activities and setting goals, business budgets help to understand the relationship between business income and business expenses. Setting good business budgets helps to plan for expenses, future marketing strategies, and when you might be in a position to expand your business with a new product or service. Business budgets are not hard, as long as you spend a bit of time learning how to set one up. You can also use sample budget plans to help as well as calculators and resources to help with forecasting sales.

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