If you want your business to succeed, you will need to write a business plan. Whether you have tried to write a plan before and failed, or have never tried before, the best way to prepare for this process is by starting a-fresh.

This website has been created to provide you with the information and resources you will need when writing your business plan and marketing strategies. As you go through the site be ready to capture the ideas that you will have when reading the content, watching the videos or using the business tools provided.

This section will cover a range of topics that will help you better understand your customer, your industry and how you might be able to sell your product or service to make a profit.

It is worth noting what you want your business to become – the end point – and where you are now. This will help you map out the process to move from now to the ideal place you want to be. There are also some pages around business goals and mission statements along with some exercises you can do to help with this.

When writing a business or marketing plan, you begin with finding out where the business is at and what you know. This is called a ‘Fact-Find’. It is important to note that if you do not have a business, writing a business plan is just as important, if not more, than if you did. If you are unsure of any of the answers during this process, ask yourself:

  • What would I …”, or
  • How many would it take …”

Try to imagine what it would be like when your business is up and running. Don’t let your present situation hold you back from what you want your business to achieve.


Know Your Customer

Know Your Industry

Know Your Business

fact find for your business know your customer industry research your business research
Begin with identifying the parts of your business you know and those you don’t.
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Knowing your customer unlocks the door to your future success.
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Get the facts about the industry you are operating in and where the growth is set to go.
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Understand the various parts of your business that impact on your bottom line.
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Putting the Plan together

Sample business plans

put your business plan together sample business plan
Put your business plan together and learn how to use it to build and grow your business.
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Sample business plans are a great way to start writing your own business and marketing plans.
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