Marketing strategies (sometimes referred to as the Marketing Mix) is the description for those activities that you will do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis that will result in making a sale and generating revenue. It is those activities that involve creativity and salesmanship, and are often the most rewarding and most frustrating part of any business.

Many businesses wish to launch straight into the marketing component of the business planning process, without taking the time to properly prepare. You need to understand how the other parts all tie in together and how the industry is behaving prior to launching into marketing and promoting your business. When you have this understanding, you are ready to plan your marketing strategy with a clear idea of who your customer is and what they want from you.

Marketing and Promotions can be described as communication – what, and how, we communicate with our customer. As such, the strategies tend to be more involved and detailed simply due to the dynamics of communications.

Before you plan how you are going to communicate to your customer, you must know what it is you want to say. Let’s have a look at the communication process.

  1. It begins with your message, which is ‘encoded’, or translated, via the promotion method you use.
  2. This is then ‘decoded’ or interpreted by your customer. This message is impacted by influences outside of your control, such as the customer’s friends and family. The message also has to contend with your competitor’s message being sent to the customer at the same time.
  3. The customer then responds to the message according to what response you want (visit to the store, making a phone call, etc)
  4. The process begins again.

What is the message you want to say? For example, it might be about how great your product is, and how it will help your customer feel good about themselves. Don’t make the message long. Keep it sharp and to the point.

For this part of the business planning process, allow your brain and imagination to expand. You just don’t know what Million-dollar idea is in your head that could launch your new or current business to a new level.

As part of marketing and promoting your business, there is an on-going process that you will need to employ, using the marketing strategies mentioned below. You will need to continually attract new customers, convince them to buy from you, and then convince them to buy again.

These areas are:

  • Building Brand Awareness – letting your potential customer know who you are and where you are.
  • Building Customer Trial – convincing your potential customer to sample your product or service.
  • Building Customer Loyalty – providing your customer with a reason to continue to shop from you.

The Promotions strategy has six components in it. They are:
1. Business Advertising
2. Public Relations (or Publicity)
3. Internet Marketing
4. Personal Selling
5. Sales Promotions
6. Direct Marketing


Public Relations

Internet Marketing

Personal Selling

When making a decision to advertise your business, first consider these important factors.
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Publicity and public relations refers to those actions you take to tell your story to the public.
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Your personal selling strategy is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have.
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Sales Promotions

Direct Marketing

Pulsing & Continuous Business Promotions

Sample Marketing Plans

A Sales Promotion is any form of promotion that is offered as an incentive to a sale.
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The final marketing strategy to include in your business plan is referred to as Direct Mail, or Direct Marketing.
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You will need to know when to use the marketing strategies in your plan with each other.
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Sample marketing plans can provide insights into how strategies have been selected and used.
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All of your business marketing and promotional activities can be broken down into one of these categories.

Pulsing and Continuous Business Promotions

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