Having gathered all the information about what you know about your business and your customer, it is now time to research your industry. A good business plan will show how a business meets the needs of its customer as well as how it will operate when compared to the industry it is in.

You need to get the facts about your industry such as its size, who the main businesses are and growth potential. This section will show you how you can access data previously gathered to understand the environment that your business operates in.

It will help you to understand your competitors, your current or planned business performance and how much of the market you can expect to service and generate revenue from.


Industry Research

Industry Performance

Market Share

Take some time to determine who your competitors are so you can better position your business.
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Get to know the industry that your business operates in, with links to useful industry websites.
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Learn how your industry has performed in the past, and how it is expected to perform in the future.
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Knowing how many customers you have access to helps with planning your business success.
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