Your business plan needs to outline who your target audience is – who is your customer. Have you ever truly thought about that question? Can you define what your customer looks like, behaves like, and thinks like? For a business to succeed, it must know its customer intimately. Once you know your customer’s ‘ins and outs’ then you are unlocking the door to your future success.

This consumer research process will help you segment your customers into categories so that you can understand their needs more fully and provide a higher level of service to suit these needs.

Why do you need to know this information?

For years, advertisers have been using information about how consumers live and shop to tailor advertising messages and delivery for maximum profits. We have all experienced watching a TV ad at dinner time, and thinking that the food we are seeing on TV might be a nice choice for dinner. Or a favorite magazine has an advertisement featured on page 17 that appeals to us because of our ability to purchase it and use it in our lives. As manipulative as it sounds, advertisers use our own behaviors and characteristics to develop the perfect marketing message.

For your business to grow and expand, you too must adopt the same approach. You don’t need an expensive advertising agency doing the work for you to achieve similar results.

By understanding ‘who’ your customer is you will be able to begin defining their profile. Armed with the descriptive details about your customer, your marketing strategies can be better tailored to suit their needs, ensuring a higher level of success and sales for your products or services.

Customer Traits

Your Customer Base

Buyer Behavior

Gathering the Data

Finding out the basics about your customer is one of the key areas of your customer research.
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This information will show you where and how far your customers are coming from to buy from you.
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This section refers to the behavior of a customer that you might come across in your business.
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Get the facts about the industry you are operating in and where the growth is set to go. Read more


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