When you write your business plan you are writing down what your business will do, as well as how it will market itself, to its target audience. You need to be able to clearly detail how you will price your product or service, how you will distribute this to your audience and how you will manage the daily affairs of your business.

This part of the business planning process will help you understand those areas of your actually business (or business model) that you know well and those areas that you need to do some work on.

If you intend for your business plan to help secure some investment funds from a bank or private investor, then they will want to know how you plan on managing your business, and how you have priced your product or service to ensure you meet your overheads and make a profit.

Work through the following sections to build your understanding and establish pricing, distribution and operational strategies for your business. Then, you will be ready to determine your promotional strategies and work on your marketing plan.

Product Strategies

Pricing Strategies

Operational Strategies

This strategy deals with what you will sell to generate revenue, including product and brand development.
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This strategy is concerned with balancing the product’s cost with how much you can charge for it.
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This stage will help you define where and how you will sell your products and how to manage their distribution.
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