Working from home is becoming increasingly popular as the world of work becomes more flexible, and this had lead to a growth in the home office furniture market. Broadband internet connections and the affordability of IT equipment mean that for many there is not the same need to work full time in an office as there was ten or fifteen years ago, while there are also an increasing number of self-employed workers in the economy. Add to these the people who simply have a desktop computer set up at home, and the growth in home office furniture sales is not hard to understand. At a basic level, anyone planning to regularly spend sessions of more than about twenty minutes or so at a computer keyboard should use basic home office furniture to prevent the risk of health problems like back and neck strain, and thankfully acquiring this equipment need not cost a fortune – try taking a quick look at the home office furniture provided by suppliers like to get an idea of cost.

As you will see, sourcing this equipment online is the easy part, but just as with dedicated office space, the set up of the working environment in the home can be achieved with varying levels of success. Here we will take a look at a couple of factors that can have a significant bearing on getting the best usage out of your home office furniture.

In basic functional terms, your desk chair should be designed for the kind of hours you plan to put in at the home office – some chairs are designed only for moderate use, while others can be used all day. Check manufacturer’s instructions before purchase, and be prepared to invest a little more if you are planning on spending full time hours in the chair. The possible consequences for your health of using inadequate seating over a period of time will far outweigh any initial cost saving achieved by selecting a budget option that does not provide adequate support – you can find out more about how to get the ergonomics right at:

Once you have established that you have a suitable chair, you need to make sure that you get the right desk. While the desk needs to be big enough to accommodate all the equipment you will regularly use without being cramped, this is mainly an issue with the height of the desk. Your feet shall be able to rest on the floor while your eyes are level with the top of the display screen, and while you can use a footrest to get this posture right, it helps to have a desk that is roughly the right height for you, given your body size.

Fitting all the equipment that you need into your home may be a challenge, but try to avoid selecting the space that you will be working in simply on the basis of the dimensions of some home office furniture that has caught your eye. It is much better to use a smaller desk that can fit into an area with natural light and access to fresh air than to end up working in a windowless box room. If space is tight there are always solutions, such as using a wireless printer situated in another room to free up limited desk space.

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