Customer Buyer Behavior refers to the behavior of a typical customer that you might come across in your business. It is so important to know what they are feeling and why they act in the way they do. The reason for this is that knowing the inner-workings of your customer means that you will be able to ‘talk’ to them more effectively.

If a customer prefers to conduct their product research through brochures and catalogues, and tends to read magazines or newspapers, then a great place to consider advertising would be in these locations. On the other hand, if your customer used the Internet or TV to gather their information, you would be better off spending your marketing dollars promoting in these areas.

You complete the customer picture by researching the process your customer goes through from the moment they realize they have an unsatisfied need, to the point of buying a product to meet this need and how they feel about it afterward. And you do this by conducting more surveys.

For these surveys you will need to talk to consumers – whomever would fall into your buyer category – businesses, charities, etc – from a variety of places. For example, you are a consumer, your family members are consumers, and your friends are consumers. Perfect strangers on the street are consumers.

These are the people you should to talk to. And you need to talk to as many as needed to complete your understanding of what and why your customer would choose to buy from you.

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