You have spent time in researching your industry and your customer needs, and then set about planning how your product, price distribution and promotion strategies will be implemented. Well done.

It is not an easy task planning the future of your business, and ultimately your livelihood. Throughout this website we have worked with a case study (Steve), and seen how he has developed his business plan for Top Shelf Groceries.

In Steve’s case, when it came to making sense of all the information he had gathered, he wasn’t sure where to begin. The plan needs to be in a layout where other members of your business can pick it up, read it and use it. If it isn’t used, then it is a waste of time writing it.

In the resources on this site you will find a complete copy of Steve’s plan, how he laid out his research, his wording for his plan, his budgets, timelines and promotional campaign. This sample plan is just that – a sample. It gives you an idea about how you can set your own plan up.

You can choose to use this sample, download some of the other sample business plans we have available for you on the site, or use some software to help in putting a plan together. However, this is your plan, and you need to be comfortable with how it is laid out so you can use it to build and grow your business. Decide which option suits your needs, and begin building your plan.

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